Fat Loss

Do you struggle losing fat?

Not another weight loss program! You have heard it all and tried it all. Nothing seems to work. !
First things first. This is not another weight loss program getting you counting calories, cutting out your carbs, eating grass all day long, drink fruit juices for weeks enduring hungry pangs, or doing some intensive exercises that get you injured without even realising it. One thing for sure, all these diet plans are not sustainable.

So why do most weight loss programs not work? And, if they do, why are most people not able to keep the weight off for life? Here’s the reason. They do not take into consideration bio individuality and address health holistically.

We take “weight loss” a few steps further. We help you not only to put those additional weight away for life, but for you to also experience improvement in your overall health. At the same time, we address any pressing health issues you may have.

And we don’t do “weight loss”. We do “fat loss”. The difference? We help you protect and keep those precious muscles and bones, losing only unwanted fats. Many diet programs or
“weight loss” programs help you lose weight at the expense of your health, sacrificing other aspects of your physical well-being. We monitor your body composition with you, targeting unwanted fats while keeping the essentials to maintain a healthy body.

This is a program that helps you keep unwanted fats away for life while transforming you to becoming healthier and happier.!

Your Health Care journey!

16-week program

Our 16-week program will cover various topics through one-on-one sessions as well as regular bite size health articles. The topics may include:-

Self-Care:Awareness & Empowerment

At Coogeki Health, we believe in nourishing your inner self too. Thus, be open to hear and reconnect with your true self.

Nutrition: Food groups, sources and balance

In terms of nutrition, be prepared to explore a wider range of foods in their natural forms for optimal cost and benefits.

Physical activity: exercise and alternatives

We all know that physical activities are important but not always easy. Hence we are here to help you find physical activities that fit your goals, lifestyle, and exercise preferences. We do believe that you should only do things you enjoy.

Externals: stress, social, environment, etc

Our surroundings do impact our behaviour and thoughts. Let’s be aware of what we can control and make changes to benefit us, and at the same time, keep the noise low from those that we have no control of.

You and your Health Coach

We will match you with a personal Health Coach after you complete a detailed questionnaire and have completed a video session. This is so you get the best fit with a health coach that understands and empathises with your health situation struggles. She will customise the program to your needs, progress and guide you through your transformation. 


There’s a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. That is why it is important to have daily and personal accountability. Your Health Coach will hold you accountable while guiding and supporting you every step of the way.


Your Health Coach will work with you to create a personalized plan uniquely tailored to your goals, your preferences and your lifestyle.

Discovery Sessions

What are discovery sessions?
Diet, exercise and health program don’t work for everyone because of Bio Individuality. The discovery sessions are designed to help you dive deep to uncover reasons behind the issues.

These 45-minute fortnightly sessions with your health coach entails:

  • Digging into the root cause of your health concerns, habits, actions, etc.
  • Finding ways to overcome the challenges
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of implemented strategies

Technology, Inspired by Care

Our technology allows you and your Health Coach to monitor your health conditions real time so as to understand your progress and optimize your health program.

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